We believe that skin has a life and that vitamin A is the "oxygen" it needs to look beautiful and healthy for life.  Every client starts their journey with a skin analysis; we really believe a good skin analysis is the cornerstone of a successful skincare programme. Looking at the skin from the inside & outside approach means we can truly understand how and why the skin is how it is and of course how it could be.

In your skin analysis we will conduct a skin consultation and analysis so we can put together a treatment plan that will help you achieve your desired results.

Environ® is acclaimed by international skincare therapists, dermatologists, beauty editors, top film stars and super models alike.

Pure Essence Active Vitamin Facial

1hr £57    
1hr 15 mins £62

Want radiant glowing skin?

This treatment uses the Environ DF machine which combines Iontophoresis and Soundwaves to push ingredients right down into the dermis of the skin, by doing this we can really target the skin to repair and rejuvenate.

A serum packed with nourishing vitamins and antioxidants is used and by penetrating with these super active ingredients we can see a measurable difference in the skin. This treatment is the equivalent to 77 hours of hands on massage.

Perfect for clients concerned with ageing, uneven skin tone, dull or sensitive skins. This treatment will boost collagen, elastin, smooth pigmentation, calm and strengthen the skin.

Your skin will look plump, radiant and nourished and will see measurable differences after just one treatment.

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Collagen Power Facial

1 hr 30 mins £70

The ultimate anti ageing facial

This is the ultimate anti ageing facial for clients looking to reduce the signs of ageing.

Using a combination of the DF machine and LED phototherapy, this treatment really stimulates the collagen and elastin fibres to reveal a more youthful, lifted, tighter, smoother appearance.

As we age the skin starts to lose collagen and elastin making the skin wrinkle, sag and appear duller. This treatment uses Iontophoresis and Sonophoresis with a peptide enriched serum to boost collagen and elastin fibres.

We then use red light LED phototherapy to stimulate the cells further leaving the skin looking rejuvenated, tighter, firmer, lifted and wrinkles reduced. Perfect for clients wanting a more youthful appearance. The results truly are outstanding.

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Hydra Boost Facial

1 hr 15 mins £65

Feeling a little dry or dehydrated?

This intensive treatment uses soundwaves to push hylauronic acid into the deeper layers of the skin leaving it feeling instantly hydrated, plumped and glowing.

Hylauronic acid is found naturally in the skin and is known as the skin drink as it holds up to 1000 x its own weight in water. This treatment is a firm favourite with celebrities and is perfect before a big event.

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Cool Peel Treatment

45 minutes £52

Looking for a peel with no down time?

The revolutionary approach to peeling achieves incredible results without damaging the skin.

Using lactic to reduce the skins PH and trigger the release of growth factors, which creates tighter, smoother skin. It destroys bacteria that causes acne and breakouts, boosts natural hydration, and removes the build up of dead skin cells.

This peel is ideal for concerns with lines and wrinkles, rough/textural skin, breakouts and acne, sundamage and Rosacea. It really is the perfect peel.

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NoTox Frown Treatment

30 minutes £35

Frown lines starting to appear?

This highly effective treatment uses a special pent-peptide serum to target frown lines and achieve dramatic results.  The unique combination of active ingredients are driven deep into the skin to soften lines and reduce muscle tension in the forehead helping to prevent new lines from forming.

These peptides target the same chemical complexes of injectables and help to relax the muscle therefore relaxing the frown lines – a friendly alternative to injectables.

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