Comcit Micro Needling Facial

1 hr £69

 Collagen stimulation therapy is a cutting edge treatment that harnesses your body’s natural powers of healing to tighten skin, address visible signs of ageing, reduce scarring, reduce pigmentation, reduce redness associated with broken capillaries and plump the skin.

Also know as micro needling or derma roller this treatment stimulates your own natural production of collagen and elastin by mimicking a trauma on the skin, this then makes the cells go into repair mode and floods the area with growth factors that are responsible for new healthy collagen and elastin.

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1 hr £65

Dermaplaning removes 21 days worth of dead skin cells, it will remove peach fuzz / vellus hair, it will give the skin a luminous glow & dewy smoother texture. It also allows any products you apply after to penetrate deeper. This means that makeup can be applied with far more ease and precision, and overall will give a flawless finish.

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Microderbrasion with LED Light Therapy

1hr £55

Microdermabrasion works on improving skin texture for a healthier complexion, it removes your skins outermost layers of dead cells & stimulates collagen production, it promotes the growth of healthy new cells so great for acne, spots & blemishes, combined with the  benefits of LED light it will leave your skin feeling radiant, energised and rejuvenated.

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