Hair Removal And Waxing

We use the Lycon waxing system to provide you with superior results and a significantly less painful waxing experience. Lycon use only the finest natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils, meaning the products are suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. The wax has a shrink-wrapping effect, meaning hair as short as 1mm can be effectively removed, so no more waiting for your hairs to grow before you can book your next waxing treatment. Your treatment will be started and finished with the application of Lycon pre and post-wax treatments to cleanse, protect, calm nurture and restore, leaving your skin soft, protected and with minimal redness.

If you have any questions about waxing and waxing aftercare please dont hesitate to give us a call.

A more Permanent Solution

More and more of our clients are turning to IPL Hair Removal, commonly known as laser hair removal, to achieve a permanent solution to unwanted hair. If you would like to give up waxing and be fuzz-free forever, please see the first tab below for Pulsar IPL Hair Removal.

IPL Hair Reduction

No more waxing or shaving – the latest technology in hair removal is now available. Ellipse is an intense pulse light (IPL) treatment that is virtually pain free and completely safe. All areas of the face and body can be treated for women and men from facial hair removal to full body removal with excellent results at affordable prices.

We offer discounts for multiple sessions when paid in advance. Save 5% on courses of 3, 20% on courses of 6 and 25% on courses of 9 or more. We can offer additional savings if you are interested in booking courses for two or more areas.

  • Lip £25
  • Chin £29
  • Lip & Chin £35
  • Underarms £40
  • Bikini line £45
  • Brazilian £65
  • Nipples £25
  • Fingers or Toes £25
  • Stomach £35
  • Chest £55
  • Back £75
  • Shoulders £45
  • Half Leg £60
  • Full Leg £130
  • Forearms £45

Waxing Hair Removal

Waxing Hair Removal

We use cream and hot wax to give you the best possible and smoothest results.

  • Lip or Chin £9
  • Lip & Chin £12
  • Underarms £12
  • Bikini £12
  • Brazilian £30 (Maint £26)
  • Hollywood £35 (Maint £30)
  • Full Leg £25
  • Full Leg & Bikini £34
  • Forearms £15
  • Half Leg £17
  • Half Leg & Bikini £25
  • Partial Back £20
  • Full Back £32
  • Nasal Wax £8
Before and after, hair removal